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Track Your Vehicles Effortlessly

Kommnet provides the best vehicle GPS tracking systems in Sri Lanka. We have Enterprise level GPS tracking solutions, SME level GPS tracking systems and GPS devices for individual vehicle tracking. We come up with customized trackers according to vehicle type and your requirements and business needs.

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Why This is The Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Sri Lanka

The advanced automated GPS monitoring and Fleet management system is designed to help our clients keep track of their assets, vehicles and equipment in real-time. It allows remote monitoring and management of assets, helping our clients to optimize their fleet operations, reduce costs, prevent theft and improve overall efficiency. Our GPS fleet tracking system is built using the highest quality products and we are committed to delivering exceptional service to all of our clients.

100% Cloud based.

Cross platform compatible.

24 Months data storage.

Access any where at any time.

50+ Report Types.

Real time notifications.

Track and Manage your fleet on the move for optimum productivity at an affordable price.

Real-time GPS monitoring and management with accurate location, speed, and direction enabling you to make informed decisions. Get instant alerts about important events to anticipate evolving operational needs. Get a free quote using contact button or live chat now!

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Some of use cases - We offer customized GPS tracking systems for all types of vehicles.

How KOMMNET’s GPS Tracking System is Working

Our system works by using a hidden vehicle gps tracker that is installed in the vehicle to capture location information. This GPS receiver collects signals from multiple GPS satellites and uses the information to calculate the vehicle's location, speed, and direction of travel.

The GPS receiver then transmits this location data to a central server using a wireless network, such as cellular or satellite. The server stores the data and displays it on a map or sends alerts based on predefined rules. Vehicle owners or fleet managers can access the information through a web-based interface, allowing them to monitor the location of their vehicles in real-time.

Some of the Core Features
Customized CommandsAssign customized commands to units, users, and groups according to your requirements to facilitate operations.
Geofence & POI
A predefined geographical boundary and points can be marked on the map. Whenever vehicle enters or leaves that area, alarm is triggered offering efficient security.
Connected SensorsClear and intuitive calibration table, detailed graphical reports and instant notifications are available for many type of sensors like Fuel, Temperature, Speed, Mileage etc.
MaintenanceCreate the maintenance requirements and assign them to users, units, and groups. Set a maintenance trigger based on date, mileage, engine hours.
GPS tracking system

ECO Driving Info of Fleet

Ensure the safety of your fleet with strict monitoring on every move of the drivers. From speeding to harsh braking and rough turns, everything can be detected in real time to ensure smooth driving.

Mobile App and Web Based Tracking Software

Kommnet IoT mobile app for both Android and Apple devices is a live monitoring app that provides the overview of the fleet activities. Also you can use our web based software. With remote monitoring, you can get real-time updates while on the go.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Kommnet IoT provides real time updates on vehicle location, speed, direction, and distance traveled. It enables you to monitor the movement of your vehicle at all times.
Advance Reports & SchedulingSchedule different reports for any time in the future by applying customized time duration and execution settings.

Track Routes History

History of all trips completed by a vehicle is kept in record. At the time of need, it can easily be accessed by the managers.
Analytic DashboardWhether you want to view the units with leading engine hours and mileage or their statuses, the analytic dashboard offers you all the necessary information at one place.
information about the location and movement of vehicles in nominated zones and parameters such as speed, address, fuel level and etc. Real time GPS tracking showing on a map

Real-time GPS Fleet Tracking Notifications and Alerts via Different Methods

  • Telegram
  • Email
  • Web and mobile popups

We Use EU Standard GPS Tracker Devices and products

The vehicle tracking device which is used in our system is made in Lithuania. It includes both internal memory and battery. If the tracker has no GSM connection with the our backend the tracker will save that data into the internal memory and once the connection is established, the tracker sends that saved data to the cloud hosted server. If positive or negative connection of the tracker lost connection from the vehicle, the tracker sends sms alerts and then the internal battery will help the GPS vehicle tracking device to work without the vehicle power connection (tracker will last around 3 hours)

This is The Most Feature Rich and Customizable GPS Fleet Monitoring System for Vehicles in Sri Lanka

Our GPS tracking and fleet management system has everything that needs to maintain a fleet or just one vehicle. We have customized GPS vehicle monitoring solutions for individual vehicles or companies in different scale.These features ensure this is the best GPS tracking system for vehicles in Sri Lanka.

  • Real time monitoring (current location address, vehicles speed, vehicle status(whether the vehicle is moving or parking) , fuel count(if a fuel sensor is integrated)
  • History playback (previously taken routes by the vehicle, the user can visualize the parking spots, vehicle speed and etc)
  • Driver management (the user can add driver details to system and has the right to attach a relevant driver to its vehicle)
  • Geo Fence (the user can separate location based on their geo location, system has the ability to provide the vehicle speed at that particular geo location and the vehicle in and out time to that location )
  • Reporting (The vehicle monitoring system has over 50+ types of reports, and the user can customize their reports if the predefined ones are not good and the report scheduler is user to send out reports automatically to any email address as per the required time )
  • Driving behavior (the monitoring system will provide the insights about the driving style, which based on hash acceleration,braking , cornering and speeding, the fleet manager can rank their drivers, and implement the safety to the fleet vehicles)
  • Notifications(System provides real time notification via email, system pop ups(web or mobile app) and via the telegram bot, the user has rights to customize the notifications, ex: if the vehicle speed is going beyond the threshold the user will be notified )
  • Anti theft technology (You can switch off the engine in your car or vehicle using our smart vehicle tracking system. Also this is a hidden and mini size gps tracker. So you can locate the position without notifying the thief. So you can stay stress free without worrying about thieves.)