Real-Time GPS Fuel Monitoring System

Maximize profitability from your fleet vehicles with our end-to-end integrated fuel monitoring system in Sri Lanka. Our advanced technology provides real-time monitoring, fuel tracking and reporting on fuel consumption, helping you optimize your fleet's fuel efficiency and reduce costs. Get real time fuel information with our GPS tracking system, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Why This is The Best Fuel Monitoring System in Sri Lanka

Fuel costs account for up to 30% of all fleet management expenses, according to The Trucker's Report. Fuel theft is a major concern, impacting a company's profitability. That's why Kommnet Technologies offers an integrated fuel consumption monitoring system in Sri Lanka, leveraging GPS tracking data to address challenges such as fuel theft. Our fuel management systems enable efficient fuel usage tracking, fuel level, anomaly detection, enhancing fuel management, reducing fuel costs, and improving overall efficiency for fleet managers. In other words this tracking system gives you all fuel information real time and as reports. Our comprehensive end to end integrated fuel monitoring system help your companies, better fuel management and maximize your fleet's profitability.

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Available Fuel Quantity and Fuel Level in the Tank.

Average Fuel Consumption.

Fuel Filling and Drainage Info.

Fuel Consumption at Idle.

Fuel Consumption on Operational Hours.

Wireless, BLE Technology.

Accuracy 97% +.

Real-time Fuel Tracking.

Customized for Petrol Vehicles, Diesel Vehicles and Storage Tanks.

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Benefits of our fuel tracking system

You can maximize the efficiency and security of your fleet's fuel management with our cutting-edge IoT platform and wireless BLE fuel sensors. Our centralized, cloud-based platform is easily accessible from any web browser or mobile application, and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. This provides a simple and secure way to take control of your fleet vehicles, no matter where they are located, ensuring real-time monitoring and streamlined management. Invest in our comprehensive solution for your fleet management needs today and guarantee a positive return on investment (ROI).

The integrated system provides below stated information

  • GPS Information , real time or previous routes with complete fuel info.
  • Notifications via telegram, email and web or mobile application pops up.
  • Analyze driving behaviors such as hash break, acceleration, corner and over speed.
  • Geo zone and routes allocation.
  • Vehicle service and maintenance management module, Analytics module and many more.
  • We can customize our system as you need.

Streamline Your Fuel Management and Control with Our BLE Technology

The monitoring system is designed to be both efficient and secure. The system includes a capacitive fuel level sensor that operates wirelessly using BLE low-power energy technology. This eliminates the need for electrical wiring between the GPS tracker and the sensor, reducing power consumption and simplifying installation. As a result, the risk of vandalism associated with tampering with electrical wiring is eliminated, providing a reliable and secure fuel efficiency tracking solution.

Our GPS fuel monitoring system includes following components

  • Cutting edge fuel/fleet monitoring system which runs on any web browser and your smart phone(apple/android compatible).
  • Branded GPS Tracker which are made in  Lithuania or Russia.
  • Precisely calibrated wireless capacitive fuel level sensor counts single drop of fuel, no more wires, based on BLE
gps fuel monitoring system instralled in fuel tanks
How Thieves Drain Fuel from Your Vehicle

Fuel theft is an unfortunate reality that fleet managers must be aware of. Thieves employ various  fuel draining methods to drain diesel and petrol from vehicles, compromising your operations and increasing expenses. Here are some common techniques they use:

1. Direct Draining: Thieves may directly drain fuel from the filling hole, bypassing any security measures in place.

2. Engine Return Line: By accessing the engine return line, fuel thieves can siphon off fuel without leaving any visible signs of tampering.

3. Drain Nut or Breather Line: Thieves can target the drain nut or the fuel tank's breather line to drain fuel discreetly.

But don't worry. you can completely stop these fuel draining using our GPS based fuel tracking system.

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