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Welcome to Kommnet IOT, your trusted partner for best car GPS tracking systems in Sri Lanka. Our advanced and customizable system ensures that you can keep a watchful eye on your car, anytime and anywhere. We have both Individual car tracking devices and Business level car fleet GPS tracking systems. Buy our reliable car GPS tracking system today and experience the ultimate in vehicle security and monitoring

Multiple cars GPS tracking system

Why Choose Our Car GPS Tracking System

1. Provides both real time GPS tracking and complete car tracking information reports:

Our car GPS tracking system utilizes the latest technology, providing real-time location updates and all location and driving behavior information to your mobile app or web portal.

2. Easy Installation:

Installing our car GPS tracking system is a breeze. Our expert team can quickly and efficiently set up the devices on your cars, ensuring you get started with vehicle monitoring without any hassle.

3. Affordable Car GPS Tracking System Prices:

We understand the value of your hard-earned money. That's why we offer competitive car GPS tracking system prices, making advanced vehicle security accessible to everyone.

4. Trusted Company:

Choose a reliable partner for your vehicle's safety. KOMMNET has a proven track record, and our car GPS tracking systems are trusted by countless individual and enterprise level satisfied customers across Sri Lanka.

best car tracking system in sri lanka installed on a car

Stop wasting time and money. Track your cars in real-time. Get a free quote on our advanced GPS tracking system for cars or other IoT solutions today!

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Benefits of using the KOMMNET car tracking: The best car GPS tracking system in Sri Lanka.

  • Prevent theft and going unauthorized routes by the car driver.
  • Get every tracking information and you can customize according to your needs easily. (You can add features like fuel monitoring system, temperature tracking etc. )
  • We use high quality car tracking devices with a warranty period.
  • You do not need to worry about unauthorized removal of GPS device, because this is a hidden GPS car tracker.
  • We provide GPS vehicle tracking systems for every scale such as individual car owners, SME level business, Large enterprises.
car owner monitoring his car through tablet computer using kommnet car gps tracking system