GPS Tracking System for Bikes

Are you tired of worrying about your motorbike's safety? Introducing our latest GPS tracking system for bikes in Sri Lanka! Our reliable and affordable tracking solution ensures that you stay connected with your bike, providing real-time location updates and much more.

Tracking real time location of bike using GPS bike tracking system

Key Features

Real-Time tracking your bike:

Know exactly where your bike is at any time, anywhere with our live GPS tracking system. Peace of mind is just a glance away.


Set up virtual area limitations for your bike. Receive instant alerts to your device, if it moves outside the designated area.

Motorbike Anti-Theft Protection:

In an event of theft, You can switch off the engine remotely. Also our GPS tracker for bikes acts as a location tracker aiding in quick recovery.

User-Friendly App:

Track your bike effortlessly through our tracking app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

Affordable Pricing:

Our GPS bike tracking system is designed to fit your budget. No hidden fees, just easy and cost-effective solution

getting motorbike tracking information using mobile app

Contact now to select the most suitable GPS tracker for your motorbike at a discounted price.

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Why this is the best bike tracking system in Sri Lanka

  • Trusted by bike owners across Sri Lanka.
  • More features at an affordable price.
  • You can add additional features according to your needs in our two wheeler tracking system.
  • Using durable and high quality GPS tracking devices.
  • Customized for single bike owners and businesses like delivery companies, sales companies, bike renting companies etc.
  • compatible with any type of motorcycle.
compatible bike types for kommnet GPS motorbike tracking system

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which GPS tracker is best for a bike?
Kommnet GPS tracking system for bikes is the top choice in Sri Lanka, offering a perfect blend of reliability, protection and affordability.

How can I track my bike with GPS?
Tracking your bike is as easy as installing our GPS device and connecting to our user-friendly app. Get started to track your bike instantly.

Can GPS be installed on a bike?
Yes. Kommnet GPS tracking system is designed to be easily installed on any bike, providing a seamless and discreet solution. This GPS tracking system is compatible with any type of motor bike, such as road bikes, track bikes, scooters, e-bikes, dirt bikes etc.

If you want track all your vehicles in one dashboard? check our advanced vehicle tracking system.

Kommnet GPS bike tracking system : Sri Lanka's Choice for Bike tracking