Real-Time GPS Temperature Monitoring System

Our GPS temperature monitor system gives you accurate details about temperature, humidity, and luminosity using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) along with GPS tracking. This high-tech solution lets you track and monitor all needed information related to temperature in real-time. So you can notify immediately about temperature deviations and avoid any damage to your valuable assets. Using our temperature tracking system helps you make informed decisions for your business and improve your vehicle and warehouse operations.

GPS temperature monitoring system installed in a vehicle

Why this is the best temperature monitoring system in Sri Lanka

Proper temperature control is important for preserving perishable goods and minimizing supply chain waste. Smart transportation companies always use proper GPS temperature tracking systems to make sure that valuable goods are delivered at the right temperature. At Kommnet Technologies, we have a system perfect for use in Sri Lanka that combines temperature monitoring with GPS tracking to deal with these challenges. Our clever solution helps businesses keep an eye on their deliveries in real-time, find out if the temperature is changing, and make quick changes to stop things from going bad.

Real time temperature monitoring.

Alerts on rapid temperature changes.

Wireless, BLE Technology.

Changeable battery.

Accuracy 99% +.

Our GPS Temperature Monitoring System Applicable for a wide range

  • Agriculture companies (to monitor temperature in greenhouses and storage spaces)
  • Transport companies (to monitor temperature in refrigerated trucks, trailers and their doors)
  • Logistics (to monitor temperature conditions in storages)
  • Heavy and light industry companies (to monitor temperature conditions in mines or on assembly lines)
  • Pharmaceutical companies (to monitor temperature conditions in storage spaces and during transportation)
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Features of Kommnet’s GPS based temperature tracking system

Our wireless temperature tracking device incorporates a Hall-effect magnet sensor that detects when doors are opened or closed. Then the temperature tracking sensor collects data on temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and luminosity, providing real-time monitoring of ambient conditions. This data is transmitted wirelessly to a GPS tracker device with BLE interface for analysis and reporting. Our complete IoT solution includes GPS tracking for enhanced location-based monitoring. You can use our temperature monitoring system integrated with a complete fleet management solution as below.

The integrated system provides below stated information
  • Real time temperature info with GPS Information.
  • Notifications via telegram, email and web or mobile application pops up.
  • Analyze driving behavior (hash break/acceleration/corner and over speed.
  • Geo zone and routes allocation.
  • Vehicle service and maintenance management module, Analytics module and etc.
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