Monitor Driver Behavior with Advanced GPS Tracking

Hash Acceleration

Hash Breaking

Hash Cornering

Over Speeding

Have you ever wondered how businesses effectively monitor and rank their drivers in a fleet? Well, the answer lies in the advanced capabilities of GPS tracking and fleet management systems. These systems utilize an array of features to ensure the safety and efficiency of a fleet, one of which is the ability to monitor driver behavior.

One key aspect of monitoring driver behavior is analyzing specific driving actions such as hash acceleration, hash breaking, hash cornering, and over speed occurrences. Now, let's break down what each of these terms means and how they affect driver rankings.

##1.Hash Acceleration:

 This refers to the sudden increase in speed by a vehicle, often due to aggressive driving habits. Our GPS tracking system can accurately measure the rate at which the vehicle accelerates, allowing fleet managers to identify drivers who have a tendency to accelerate harshly.

##2.Hash Breaking:

Hash breaking, on the other hand, is the abrupt reduction in speed, often accompanied by sudden jerks. This behavior not only puts the driver's safety at risk but can also lead to wear and tear on the vehicle. With our tracking system, fleet managers can keep an eye on drivers who frequently exhibit hash breaking tendencies.

##3.Hash Cornering:

Hash cornering refers to the sharp turns or corners taken by a vehicle. Excessive or careless cornering can increase the chances of accidents, especially in adverse weather conditions. Our GPS tracking unit is capable of detecting such maneuvers, allowing fleet managers to address the issue and provide necessary training to drivers.


Over-speeding is a common issue that can have serious consequences. With our advanced GPS tracking system, fleet managers can monitor the speed of each vehicle in real-time and receive alerts if any driver exceeds the predefined speed limits. This not only promotes responsible driving but also helps in preventing accidents and reducing fuel consumption.
driver behavior monitoring

Our vehicle monitoring system calculates the values and rank the drivers based on these behaviors. Our platform takes into account the number of events detected for each behavior mentioned above and calculates a score for each driver. The higher the number of events, the lower the driver's score. This score is then used to rank the drivers in the fleet.

By monitoring driver behavior using our GPS tracking system, fleet managers can identify the drivers who require additional training or support. This not only improves overall safety but also helps in optimizing operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

In conclusion, our advanced GPS tracking system is a powerful tool for fleet management, allowing you to monitor and evaluate driver behavior in real-time. By detecting hash acceleration, hash breaking, hash cornering, and over-speeding, we can help you rank your drivers based on their performance.