Trailer GPS Tracking Systems

Protect your trailers with the best trailer GPS tracking system in Sri Lanka. Our technology ensures reliable and efficient tracking, giving you peace of mind. Whether it's a prime mover trailer, utility trailer, RV trailer, or semi-trailer, we have the perfect solution for you. Also if you want to track the whole fleet of trailers we can provide our centralized GPS trailer tracking system at a discounted price.

trailer route monitoring using trailer tracking system

See where your trailers are. Stop wondering, use our trailer tracking system, start tracking. Get a free quote!

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Why this is the best trailer tracking system in Sri Lanka

Commercial Trailer Tracking Systems:

Our GPS solutions are tailored for commercial trailer tracking, with durable and high quality tracking devices with a warranty ensuring the safety of your valuable assets.

Hidden GPS Trackers for Trailers:

Experience discreet protection with our hidden GPS trackers, designed to keep your trailers safe without compromising security.

Customizable according to trailer types and needs:

Our specialized trailer GPS tracking systems can be customized according to trailer type such as container trailer, cargo trailer, bowser trailer, etc and your information needs. Also you can add extra functionalities like trailer fuel monitoring, Trailer temperature monitoring etc.

Access real time trailer information anywhere at any time:

In our trailer tracking system you can get all tracking information and even driving behavior info. You can access this information using any mobile device or computer.

Different trailer types that compatible with Kommnet trailer GPS tracking system

Why do you need a trailer tracking system?

  1. Real-Time Visibility:
    Provides real-time location and driving information of trailers, allowing businesses to track the exact location of their assets at any time.
  2. Stop driving misbehavior:
    You can stop trailer drivers going to unauthorized routes.
  3. Asset Security:
    Improve security by enabling quick finding in the event of theft. Acts as a deterrent to theft, as potential thieves are aware that the trailers are equipped with tracking devices and this reduces theft attempts.
  4. Optimized trailer fleet Management:
    Allows for better management of trailer fleets, helping companies optimize routes and schedules. Reduces idle time and improves overall fleet utilization, leading to cost savings.
  5. Improved Customer Service:
    Enables more accurate and reliable estimated arrival times for shipments, enhancing customer satisfaction. Companies can even provide customers with real-time updates on the status and location of their shipments.
  6. Reduced Operating Costs:
    Optimizes fuel usage by providing insights into driver behavior and route efficiency.
    Helps in minimizing trailer maintenance costs by identifying potential issues before they become major problems.
GPS trailer tracking system installed on a container trailer

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do Trailer Trackers Work?
Trailer tracker is a device that utilizes GPS technology to get location and other related information. The device then sends this information to the tracking system database and the user can get that information in real time.

2. Can I put a GPS tracker on my trailer?
Simple answer is “Yes”. If you using Kommnet trailer tracking system we ensure that is a hidden GPS tracker and commercial grade quality tracker.

3. What is the best way to track a trailer?
Using a trailer GPS tracking device.