Bicycle GPS Tracker

Are you worried about your bicycle's safety? Secure it with our advanced Bicycle GPS Trackers, specially designed for the cycling community in Sri Lanka. Say goodbye to concerns about theft and enjoy your bicycle rides worry-free!

bicycle location and routes tracking using bicycle GPS tracking system

Why Choose Our Bicycle GPS Trackers?


Our bicycle tracker system includes waterproof devices, suitable for harsh weather conditions.

Track your bicycle from anywhere:

If your bicycle is stolen, you can instantly find the location and recover it.

Compatible with any bicycle type:

Wondering if our GPS trackers fit your bicycle? Rest assured, our trackers are suitable for all types, including mountain bikes (MTB), e-bikes, and regular cycles.

Easy tracking your bicycle with our app:

Tracking your bicycle is very easy with our mobile app. You can use the app for both real-time tracking and route history.

anti theft protection turned on in parked bicycles

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are there GPS trackers for bicycles?
Absolutely! Our bicycle GPS trackers are tailor-made to keep your bicycle secure.

2. Can I put a tracker on my bicycle?
Yes, you can! Our GPS trackers are easy to install, ensuring a hassle-free experience for every cyclist.

Don't let theft ruin your cycling experience. Secure your bicycle today with best bicycle tracking system in Sri Lanka.

Note - You have to charge the rechargeable battery in the bicycle tracking system time to time.

Also you can leverage our advanced GPS tracking system for multiple vehicle tracking needs.