• Approved by TRCSL and MOD Sri Lanka
  • Fulfill ISO and EU quality standards
  • 100% Web-Based. No Software required
  • 24 Months data storage
  • Two years warranty
  • Island wide installation
  • Trusted by many private and government authorities
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Kommnet Fleet management system

What we do

At Kommnet Technologies, we specialize in providing a comprehensive GPS-driven modern vehicle telematics system that caters to the diverse needs of our esteemed clients. Our solutions are designed to meet all your fleet management requirements, and we are in a position to customize our offerings to meet unique customer needs.

We provide end-to-end integration services that include installation, maintenance, user training, and support. With our solutions and recommendations, you can maximize vehicle usage, optimize operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Our island-wide installation services ensure that our clients can seamlessly integrate our telematics system into their fleet without any disruptions to their daily operations.

GPS Tracking System For Vehicles

Our GPS tracking system provides real-time tracking and management capabilities for businesses with a fleet of vehicles or individual vehicles.

Kommnet GPS Driven Industry Solutions

We integrate external sensors with GPS Trackers which is completely based on Bluetooth low power energy so the integration has no more wires, the solution works together as a whole, it collects different kind of data and we process it visualize them over the vehicle monitoring system in real time with GPS information. on any sudden event it provides events/notifications over telegram, sms, email and system pop ups.


Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

The control system can help identify theft and cut off expenses with real-time GPS information.

Monitor Temperature Sensitive Vehicles

To control and monitor temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity and luminosity on refrigerated trucks.

Heavy Machinery Monitoring System

The mechanism to calculate real machine hours and info on heavy machinery usage with GPS data

Cost-saving Solutions That Help You Save Money.

If you're dissatisfied with your current GPS tracking system provider, we offer a seamless solution. Our team can integrate your existing hardware units to ensure a smooth transition.

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Test Drive Our Monitoring System

Experience the reliability and convenience of our solution firsthand by taking advantage of our free trial offer. We'll provide you with a complete set of equipment to set up a test unit, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of our system within your company's business processes.

Software Integrations

Our services extend beyond mere GPS tracking and fleet management. We help to reduce the burden of paperwork and phone calls, ultimately resulting in enhanced efficiency for your organization.

Logistic Navigator

Plan, schedule and be productive with deliveries. helps to maximize number of orders within minimum number of trips and vehicles

Workforce management

Monitor field operations such as sales persons and technicians through their mobile phone, we convert the mobile phone in to a GPS Tracker

Customizable IOT/ Vehicle telematics

If all of the our ready made solutions are not a position to address the requirement we will code a custom solution that could address your needs

About Kommnet Telematics

At Kommnet Technologies, we provide end-to-end integration solutions in telematics/IoT to serve GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Systems in Sri Lanka. Our range of solutions includes GPS Tracking and fleet management systems, logistic transport automation systems, workforce management systems and customizable vehicle IoT solutions. All of our GPS Tracking devices meet the most stringent ISO and EU quality requirements, and are approved by TRCSL and MOD Sri Lanka.

Our comprehensive all-in-one solution covers installation, support and training all in one place. Our customizable GPS vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, helping to optimize operations and enhance overall efficiency. At Kommnet, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable and scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.